There exist numerous  books, catalogs and pricing guides for  world currency however none of these actually focus on the rarities alone. The hidden gems which collectors need to focus to enhance value of their possession is either not known or identified based on years of experience in the field  ‘Rarepicks’ is intended to be an easy reference to the collectors, dealers and investors who can leverage on the know how to add value to their portfolio.

Commencing the exercise with Paper Money or Bank Notes the  rarities would be explained country wise. Please feel free to provide feedback so we can look at adding those here or you can author a chapter on the specific items which you feel must appear on this site.

You can reach me at with suggestions. Please feel free to share scans and details of the topic you want me to work on.


  • Christopher Shirer

    I spent several years procuring rarities for collectors.( stamps,coins,art) I always knew what I sought,but never put much personal interest into it. Recently however,fate brought coins back to my “day to day” and into my “personal space”. Mint errors are my flare,but it is rather nerve racking at times. For example,I have a 2001 Rhode Island quarter. This mint error is not one that is currently associated with the certified error.This one seems to show asomething splashing into the ocean in front of the sailboat,after seemingly crashing through barriers along the Mount Hope Bridge.Most who have seen the coin agree that it is an oddity; however,when the quarter is moved in the light,that is when the amazement sets in.
    It is like watching a short movie,with the refracted light serving as the focal point. It appears to show a vehicle that has crashed off the bridge,falling into the ocean after ejecting something from just above the sea line until it splashes into the sea and out of view. It also appears to show people on the bridge looking from the bridge at the vehicle as it disappearstands.
    My question is…what do I do from here?I do wish to eventually sell this coin and capitalize on value above the 25 cents threshold.Who would I need to see to look into the error for certification?

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