The Portuguese colonial Banknotes issued for Angola, Cape Verde, India, Mozambique, St Thomas and other possessions offer interesting varieties based on Type of Seal, Color variations and Decree by the Government authority to issue the notes. A few variations are summarized as follows

Portuguese India

In Uma Rupia of 1917, the Seal Type II (LISBOA) in Blue is not commonly available, while the Brown Seal Type III (Colonias Commercio Agricultura)  can be found relatively easily.

Scarcity Score : 9  for Uma Rupia Blue Seal (Type I or II)

Uma Rupia 1917 Seal Variations

The Uma Rupia of 1924 with a Black Serial # is actually the one issued in 1924. This issue has no prefixes so while issue size information is not known it can be assumed to not exceed a Million. Thereafter by the decree of 1929 the same Uma Rupia template was used to issue notes but with the # appearing in red along with the Decreto

Scarcity Score : 9.0  for Uma Rupia 1924 without decreto

Scarcity Score : 8.0  for Uma Rupia 1924 with decreto

1924 Original Template & Decreto with # in Red