4/26- 6 Notes, Congo, French Indo China, Fiji, Guinea Bissau, India, Mauritius- email MBTS@rarepicks.net

5000 Franc of  Congo bearing date 30-6-2013 for a relatively higher denomination, very attractive design with 6 Zebras in the front and 2 Helmeted Guineafowl at the back-Pick#102b, Grade UNC- $15
1986 5 Dollars of Fiji. Orange color design on multicolor underprint with Queen Elizabeth on the right.
Pick83a ND , Grade VF++  $33
French indo China
1 Piastre of French Indo China comprising of modern day Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam.
Sign#15- Le Presidente Graston Cosin and Le Cashier Central- M Lacoutre
Pick92, issued in 1952
Grade AU++/UNC $24
Guinea Bissau
10,000 Franc of Guines Bissau  signed by Ministro-Governador & Vice-Governador. Better early date in this highest denomination.
Pick15a , Date 1-3-90,Grade UNC $33
 Rupee with King George VI on  right, signed by C E Jones, Black Serial # variety
Grade XF+/AU
Pick25a $42
25 Rupees of Mauritius issued in 1967, Pick32b , with Queen elizabeth on right and Bullock Cart and mountain at the back
Grade XF++  $60