After becoming independent at midnight on 14-August-1947 , the Government of Pakistan issued   notes printed for the  Reserve Bank of India but with an overprint that read ‘Government of Pakistan’ or ‘Huqumat e Pakistan’ written in Urdu. While these notes are immensely popular and in demand,  there are some more  varieties  in the early series issues of Pakistan which would be worth reviewing, as many are now difficult to obtain. Several varieties got generated due to changes in Crescent, Font and Prefix display as follows

  1. Crescent Orientation changing from facing North East  (Right) to North West (Left): 
  2. Color Change for 1 Rupee from Green Front  with Green Back, to Blue Front with Purple Back followed by Blue Front and Blue Back.
  3. Font change-Larger size Modern to smaller Ornate for signatory Victor Turner with change in color, thereafter  the font was reverted back to Larger for Abdul Qadir signed Banknotes with both font types.
  4. A line in fractional prefix which was removed after Mumtaz Hasan became the signatory.

Pakistan Turner Sign P4 Original Crescent, P8 (Crescent flipped per Wahabi philosophy, P8 Qadir Sign – Commencement of Urdu/Arabic Signatures)

P9 Qadir Sign Back changed to Blue and Font Changed to Roman-larger than P8 with Violet Back. Note the Dash in prefix in Qadir and Mumtaz Hasan signature

The P9 continues with 3 other signatories Sujat Al Hasnie, Mohd Ayub , Hafiz Abdul Majid, Mumtaz Mirza all with a Blue Back. To summarize P9 has 6 signatories and 7 Varieties (2 in Mumtaz Hasan with and without ‘-‘ in Prefix)

P9A followed with 3 signatories (Mirza Muzaffar Ahmad, Ghulam Ishaq Khan who became the PM under Military Dictator Zia-can be considered as the Manmohan Sign Equivalent of Pakistan and Aftab Qazi) Note the color variation in P10a with Qazi sign. P24 with smaller sign band and regional languages is also a scarce one and added for reference with P24A

The changes in each variety over the prior are highlighted in the following table (First 6 key .

#Crescent OrientationFront / Back ColorFont TypeSignatureRarity Score
1Left to RightGreen/GreenModern approx 5 mmVictor Turner8.0
2Right to LeftBlue/PurpleOrnate about 3mm approx, without line in Fractional prefix.Victor Turner8.5
3Right to LeftBlue / PurpleOrnate about 3mm approx with line  in Fractional PrefixAbdul Qadir9.0
4Right to LeftBlue / BlueModern approx 5 mm with line  in Fractional PrefixAbdul Qadir8.0
5Right to LeftBlue / BlueModern approx 5 mm with line  in Fractional PrefixMumtaz Hasan10.0
6Right to LeftBlue / BlueModern approx 5 mm without line  in Fractional PrefixMumtaz Hasan6.0