In October 1998 the Central Bank of Mauritius released a new series of Banknotes which had the order of Devnagri (Script to write in Hindi) and Tamil reversed so that Devnagri came after English but before Tamil. This triggered massive protests from the local Tamil speaking community and the issue was withdrawn in a month.

One possible explanation/reason offered by the Central Bank was if the Tamil Script appears after english the text would over write on the design. This certainly appears true for Twenty Five which has a slightly elongated string ‘இருபத்தி ஐந்து’ The rest of the denominations actually do not pose the problem illustrated in the images of 25 Rupees notes below.  That explanation however was not acceptable to the Tamil protesters and the issue was withdrawn after large scale protests in which  effigies of Governor were also burnt.


The higher denominations are more sought after than the 50 Rupees which is most common type of the series. The 25 Rupees actually displays the problem faced by the Central Bank of Mauritius, that if the Tamil script in the same font is retained in the original place it will pierce through the portrait of Sir Moilin Jean Ah Chuen. The October 1998 issue was withdrawn in a month replaced by a modified design that had a much smaller font for Tamil as well as Hindi

Scarcity Scores

Denomination Scarcity Score
25 6.75
50 6.25
100 7.25
200 7.75
500 8.00
1000 8.00
2000 8.00