Japan 100 Yen Provisional “Shosi” O/P Manchukuo Banknote 1946 – RARE

This is a RARE HIGH GRADE Currency Banknote from Japan. This Bank Note was issued as a Provisional Issue by the Allied Military Government in 1946 following World War II. 

Old Japanese Banknotes were “revalidated” with an affixed Validation Adhesive Stamp referred to as “Shosi” prior to the issuance of Allied Military Currency.  These “Shosi” Stamps were issued in denominations of 10 Yen to 1000 Yen. The “Shosi” Stamps were only affixed on Japanese Banknotes ranging from 10 Yen through 1000 Yen and only on Banknotes referenced as Pick-40,51,56,77,42,57,78A, 43A, 44, and 45. 

This Banknote has a 100 Yen “Shosi” Stamp affixed to a Chinese Manchukuo Occupation 100 Yuan Banknote of 1944 (Pick-J138b).

I believe that this was contemporarily affixed in error on a China Japanese Occupation Banknote. It certainly is a combination that should not have happened. I have never seen this before and believe that this is RARE andPOSSIBLY UNIQUE.

The Banknote “Shosi” Issue Catalogues under Japan as as Pick-80

Rarity Score :10 (Only known possibly)