Hungarian Soviet Republic 20 Korona Banknote 1919 

This is a  Banknote issued from Miskolcz in Hungary in 1919 during the establishment of the Short Lived Hungarian Soviet Republic. This Banknote was issued for 20 Korona and features a Coat of Arms on the obverse.

The Hungarian Soviet Republic was created through a Revolution by Bela Kun, a Lenin protégé, on March 21, 1919 but existed for only 133 Days, ending on August 1, 1919. This Banknote is dated May 14, 1919.

Backed by the Russian Soviets (Lenin), Kun and his group of communists declared War against Czechoslovakia and invaded Slovakia on May 20, 1919 (six days after the date on this banknote). They abandoned their invasion three weeks later following an ultimatum from France.

Immediately thereafter, Romania invaded Hungary, occupied Budapest and most of the country and overturned the Hungarian Soviet Republic. The Romanians seized a large amount of goods from Hungary and finally withdrew in March 1920 after pressure from France and other European allies.

Kun fled to Russia where he was later executed in a purge in the 1930’s.



Reference: A seasoned collector from New Jersey shared the above details. Name not published based on request