The coin shortage post WWI resulted in printing of Bank Notes of smaller denominations in many parts of the world. French Cochin China, which became French Indo China was no exception. The Continental Palace Hotel a landmark hotel came up with an issue of 5, 10, 20 Cents which had B. P (‘Bon Provisoire’ or ‘Good provisional scrip ‘ confirmed by Pablo Hoffman a reputed Numismatist from New York ) printed on the left and I. O. Y (I have no idea what this stands for, any one reading this can email to me at ) at the right. The rear side has the following

‘Dan’s l’impossible absolue de se procurer de la monnaise divisionnaire, la maison prie sa clientele d’accepter comme appoint ce bon provisiorie que sera toujours accepte aux caisses de l’hotel’

Translated in English it should read

If it is absolutely impossible to get the change the house requests the client to accept this provisional voucher which will always be accepted at the cash counters of the hotel’.

Howard Daniel author of ‘The Catalog and Guidebook of Southeast Asian Coins and Currency’ lists these as Tokens Issue of 1919, rather this needs to be referred to as the Provisional Voucher/Exchange issue of French Cochin china

Rarity level: 9 (I have known only 3 pieces thus far)