P9a Queen Elizabeth with Sailing Ship watermark (Not the Queen) is a scarce variety, significantly scarce and also this is a high grade. Please note the grading company WBG  follows a stricter standard and grades on conservative side (Good for collectors)


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$960 for British Caribbean P9a
Bermuda KGVI Lot- P8, P9, P10a, P11b, P14 $2355
Bermuda QE2 Lot of 6 P18a, 18b, 19b, 19c, 20c, 22: $2355 (Includes the scarce 10 Pounds)
Bermuda P52a, 41d $195 for the Pair
$240 for the Collector Set and Scarce 7May2007
$285 for 2 notes includes 10$ scarce 2007 and 5S 1937